What Our Patients Are Saying


"Linda is a caring professional who combines the many facets of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture to create results. My work with her helped me avoid surgery. I recommend her whenever I can."

- Cynthia V. Mitchell, M.Ed., Business Mentor and Health Advocate

"In the past I was so accustomed to visiting the physician’s office if I had an ailment, until I had some devastating experiences with feeling as though I was just a test for prescription drugs. I had always been very skeptical of trying anything outside of the box when it came to health until someone recommended Acupuncture. In November of 2014 I decided to give Acupuncture a try so I went to Linda Marino for my migraine headache, which I have had for 8 years now. I was really nervous about having needles in my skin, but the feeling was amazing, almost like you were floating. I felt so relaxed and actually fell asleep during my treatment! After that experience I have been for treatments a dozen times for different aches and pains, such as low back, shoulder pain, and TMJ. . I believe in Acupuncture completely and recommend that everybody tries it at least once for a great alternative."

- Sandy M., Goodyear, Arizona

"Like most people, I relied on western medicine (drugs to mask a problem and more drugs to mask the first drugs) all of my life. After dealing with the pain (and drug side effects) from a ruptured disk for over two years, I decided to try something different. Ms. Marino is a very professional, caring and dedicated individual that takes the time to understand your personal problems. She makes you feel like you are the only patient she sees. And the results are amazing, in just a few visits, the discomfort I had lived with was gone. After only two visits, my neck pain was gone. I have more energy and feel better than I have in several years thanks to Dr. Marino. I highly recommend to everyone that they find out first hand, how Linda Marino can help them."

- Esther S., Goodyear, Arizona

"I would like to personally thank Linda Marino for her comprehensive approach to wellbeing provided by her at Marino Acupuncture & Wellness Center. Ms. Marino addressed my health concerns with acupuncture, herbal remedies, and made important recommendations to consider in regards to my diet and over all wellbeing. I have implemented Linda’s suggestions and feel considerably better. I have revamped my eating guidelines which has helped me feel more fit and trim and with renewed energy and vigor. Linda Marino is highly knowledgeable and has a kind spirit which is demonstrated in her level of caring and problem solving. I feel quite fortunate to have Ms. Marino involved in my medical wellbeing. I recommend her without hesitation. She is a delight to work with."

- Rosy C., Miami Beach, Florida