Nutritional Response Testing

Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) is a way of analyzing the body’s nutritional needs by muscle testing your organ neurological reflexes and then checking why there is a problem...heavy metal toxicity, chemical toxicity, food allergies, immune challenges, and/or scars.

In today's modern society we are faced with many dietary dilemmas that, believe it or not, can adversely affect our health. Things such as food preservatives, meat from animals treated with antibiotics and fed chemical and denatured foods, pesticides, vegetables grown in depleted soil, other chemicals and steroids.

Additionally, it has been found that synthetic vitamins can actually cause nutritional deficiencies in other areas of your body. An example of this is Vitamin C. When you get Vitamin C in a store it is made from a scorbutic acid, yet this Vitamin C is not complete, and in order for it to work it must pull the rest of the Vitamin C complex from other areas in your body, further causing nutritional deficiencies.

NRT is used to test your body functions and nutritional needs in order to identify underlying health concerns (disrupted sleep, digestive troubles, immune problems, etc...), that may be addressed with a unique nutritional program designed specifically for you.