Fertility Enhancement

Our success rate is 85% for Fertility Patients
becoming pregnant within 1-3 months of treatment
— Dr. Linda Marino, Marino Clinic.
“Generally speaking, our success rate is 85% for patients 40 years of age and younger becoming pregnant within 1-3 months of treatment.”

Statistics show that approximately one in six to ten couples will experience issues with conception and fertility. The imbalances which can cause difficulty in conception can often be corrected by very subtle, natural adjustments to the endocrine system. When you are vital and healthy your fertile potential naturally expresses itself, and subtle obstructions to your fertility can be removed.

Acupuncture provides better circulation and better blood flow to the womb.
It will give a better chance for the eggs to be nourished and therefore carried.
— Dr. Raymond Chang, Director of New York's Meridian Medical Group, has been incorporating acupuncture into fertility treatments for the past decade

Acupuncture seems to help some women because it improves circulation to your ovaries and to your uterus. It aids ovarian stimulation, improves the thickness of uterine lining, and therefore can help with implantation. Acupuncture is relaxing, which helps to lower your cortisol levels and increase progesterone output, important factors in decreasing your chance of having a miscarriage.

For women studies show…

  • Improvements in your uterine lining

  • Increased blood flow to your uterus

  • Regulation of your hormones

  • Reduction of your stress associated with fertility problems

  • Improved function of your ovaries

  • Increased conception

  • Increased live birth rates

  • Lower rates of ectopic pregnancies                              

And for men...

  • Improved semen quality and quantity

  • Reduce stress and improve well being 


Our Fertility Enhancement Program and It’s Benefits:

  • We begin each of our programs with an initial phone consultation. During the consultation we will discuss your issue, medical history, any medications you are taking, and most importantly your goals. We want to be certain that our program is going to meet your needs and that there is a high probability of success for you, before we begin treatment. Your initial phone consultation is free.

  • Our program is designed to stimulate the body's own natural production of hormones while restoring the health and harmony of the entire system. Once the body is in balance and its hormones are restored, conception can occur. Ideally, you should should begin the program up to X months prior to _____________ Treatments are weekly.

  • We follow a simple 6 step program that involves diagnosis, acupuncture therapy, dietary and nutritional recommendations, stretches and exercise, customized vitamin and herbal medications and lifestyle adjustments. Each of the steps is intended to identify and address imbalances, increase fertility, support reproductive health, improve sleep, eliminate inflammation, build blood, improve circulation, and reduce stress.

YOUR BODY IS BETTER PREPARED TO convieve & carry to term

(BENEFIT - make this read for fertility) IVF/IUI can be stressful, not just for your mind and emotions, but for your body as well. Using our customized 7 step Program (given BEFORE not DURING your injection cycle), we take time to make sure your body and mind are as resilient as possible BEFORE you start the ovarian stimulation protocols.

(remove??? OR replace with another benefit?) YOUR SIDE-EFFECTS FROM MEDICATIONS ARE REDUCED

(BENEFIT - make this read for fertility) Because your body is more balanced and resilient BEFORE you start your IVF/IUI cycle, the side effects are minimized. We have seen countless IVF/IUI patients, and we can say unequivocally that the vast majority of them who had done previous cycles without our program reported a significant reduction in bloating, moodiness, tiredness, and other common side-effects of ovarian stimulation.


(BENEFIT - make this read for fertility) We teach you powerful mind-body techniques to help you connect with reserves of spiritual energy you never knew you had. It is our firm belief that regardless of medical intervention, there is always a spiritual component to the process of bringing new life into the world. Our mind-body training is designed to support and encourage this spiritual process.

In our experience, here are the changes we routinely see in patients who come to us for IVF Support:

  • Less stress during the cycle

  • Improved response to stimulation drugs

  • Better fertilization rates

  • Higher pregnancy rates

  • Lower miscarriage rates


Success Stories

We have helped many couples with fertility struggles to conceive naturally. Generally speaking, patients 40 years of age and younger have an 85% success rate of becoming pregnant within 1-3 months of treatment.  Acupuncture treatments are is recommended once a week.

Patients over the age of 40 have a more difficult time getting pregnant.The rate of success drops significantly