Methods of Acupuncture

All people are different, and the reasons they visit our clinic vary widely. So it stands to reason that each person’s treatment will be different. Some clients will require more intense treatment for longer periods of time, while others will need fewer sessions before their issue is alleviated. Because there is no “one size fits all” way of dealing with a patient’s issue, there are several techniques and methods of acupuncture that we use at the Marino Clinic to provide optimal and individualized care.


Traditional Acupuncture


At the Marino Clinic we perform traditional acupuncture by placing hair-thin needles of varying lengths into certain areas of the skin. The number of slender needles as few as three, as many as 20 and the length of time they are kept in place depends on the ailment being treated. During the treatment, the needles may be twirled, warmed or electrically energized to intensify healing effects. Some patients may feel a tiny prick when the needle is inserted. Others feel a tickle. But many patients don’t feel a thing. 

The depth of the insertion varies. For example, we will use a needling technique that is different in fleshier areas, such as your buttocks. Typically, needles are inserted at depths ranging from 1/8” to 1 1/2”. 

Acupuncture sessions generally run for 45 to 60 minutes. Patients lie on a padded table, and soothing music plays in the background. Some patients say they feel an electrical sensation during a treatment, which is good – because that means healing energy is moving through the body. Most people end up falling asleep on the table, feeling peaceful, yet energized after the treatment. 




Auriculotherapy or involves the use of specially designed acupuncture needles that are placed in the outer ear. The ear is seen as a “microsystem” of the entire body, and is mapped out in such a way as to accurately represent the body on physical and metaphysical levels. Much like a homunculus, a term used to describe sensory and neural pathways along the brain as mapped throughout the body, the ear is viewed as a representation of nearly every part of the body. In patients with chronic anxiety for example, auriculotherapy has shown anxiolytic effects similar to those provided by prescription medications. Unlike these medications however, auricular acupuncture does not tax the liver or put patients at increased risk of addiction or dependency.



By attaching an electric stimulator to acupuncture needles that have been placed in the skin, electroacupuncture adds electrical stimulation to treatment. This process causes waves of energy to travel deeper into the meridians, skin, and beyond. This method can only used be for limited periods of time, usually about 30 minutes, so as not to overstimulate your system.



Acupressure is a non-invasive form of bodywork that uses physical pressure applied to acupressure points by the hand or elbow, or with various devices.


Acupuncture Point Injection Therapy

Acupuncture point injection is the injection of various substances (such as drugs, vitamins or herbal extracts) into acupoints.