Acupuncture for Foot, Ankle & Heel Pain

Foot, ankle and heel pains are common problems that we treat at the Marino Clinic.  Whether it’s too much stress applied on feet while standing or walking, poor posture or strenuous physical activity, feet take a beating. Acupuncture, is a natural way to heal your foot pain.

For foot pain caused by long period of standing or walking, or serious chronic foot pain, acupuncture has proven its role in effectively treating pain. Acupuncture for ankle pain has received positive feedback because of the tremendous healing benefit it offers for various painful ankle problems such as ankle arthritis, tendonitis, sprains and even swollen ankles. Plantar fasciitis, a serious heel pain condition, responds very well to acupuncture treatment.

Acupuncture Points On The Feet & How They Work

Acupuncture points or also known as acupoints, are points in the body where needles are inserted in varying depths to improve the flow of blood and relieve pain. The acupuncture points on the feet are also same as the acupressure points used in reflexology, except that acupuncture uses needles to trigger the points instead. These acupuncture points are linked to vital organs in our body that hold the key to improve human well-being. Acupuncture feet points also include other points throughout the body.