IVF Cycle Optimization & Support

“Scientific studies have shown again and again that Acupuncture can increase IVF success rates dramatically, in some cases up to 70% over the norm.”

When you are vital, healthy, and full of life, your fertile potential naturally expresses itself in everything you do. When you are anxious, stressed out, overworked, and full of negative energy, your fertility is stifled and chances for success are greatly diminished. This principle is no different for patients seeking technological assistance with conception. Success of IVF and IUI depend just as much on the state of your body as does success without these techniques. Healthy response to drugs, good egg quality, and a fertile and receptive uterine lining are essential for a high probability of pregnancy and healthy delivery of a baby. By incorporating Acupuncture, stress-reduction, lifestyle and dietary guidance, and targeted nutritional supplementation, your chances are increased and your investment maximized.

Are you ready?

Is your body ready to support and nourish a new life? IVF and IUI are magnificent tools for overcoming difficulties with fertilization/conception, but they do very little to overcome subtle issues with circulation, inflammation, and other blockages that may be preventing you from conceiving and carrying to term. Take time to prepare your body to receive and nourish the tiny seed of life. If your body is ready, you will have much higher chances for a successful outcome. If your body is not ready, all the drugs and surgery in the world will have very little chance of helping you.

The benefits of our IVF/IUI prepartion program:

  1. Your body is better prepared to handle the process

    IVF/IUI can be stressful, not just for the mind and emotions, but for the body as well. Using customized Acupuncture, customized herbal medicines (given BEFORE not DURING your injection cycle), and nutritional guidance, we take time to make sure your body and mind are as resilient as possible BEFORE you start the ovarian stimulation protocols. A vital, healthy body and balanced, calm mind ensure that ovarian response is maximized and unwanted side-effects are minimized.The principle of IVF/IUI preparation is simple — your body needs the resources and resilience to respond effectively and efficiently to the stimulation given by the fertility drugs. Make sure it is ready to go… AND that it has the endurance to finish.

  2. Your side-effects from medications are reduced

    Because your body is more balanced and resilient BEFORE you start your IVF/IUI cycle, the side effects are minimized. We have seen countless IVF/IUI patients, and we can say unequivocally that the vast majority of them who had done previous cycles without our program reported a significant reduction in bloating, moodiness, tiredness, and other common side-effects of ovarian stimulation.

  3. Weekly one-on-one, individualized coaching and support

We teach you powerful mind-body techniques to help you connect with reserves of spiritual energy you never knew you had. It is our firm belief that regardless of medical intervention, there is always a spiritual component to the process of bringing new life into the world. Our mind-body training is designed to support and encourage this spiritual process.

In our experience, here are the changes we routinely see in patients who come to us for IVF Support:

  • Less stress during the cycle

  • Improved response to stimulation drugs

  • Better fertilization rates

  • Higher pregnancy rates

  • Lower miscarriage rates

Yes, it’s true. When you support your body, it supports you in return…

We have seen it countless times here in our clinic.

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